Fantasy Finds Friday: I'm on Pinz and needles…

fff-pinz I’ve been jealous of the Blipshift Volvo for quite some time now. It’s a 1975 Volvo C303, that our very own Kamil helped convince them to purchase. I’d love to have something similar of my own, and seeing as it’s Friday I decided to do some shopping. The Volvo is cool, and a Unimog would be divine but I decided to set my sights on something in the middle of the two. Presenting this absolutely wonderful 1972 Pinzgauer 710M. This is what Friday Fantasies are made of! fff-pinz-interior [sc:ebay itemid=”221548199699″ linktext=”Here’s the listing” ], and I will post the full description in case it goes away.

First generation Swiss Military surplus Pinzgauer 710-M among the “most capable all-terrain vehicles ever made.” Seats up to 10 ready for action fully outfitted friends! Many upgrades and improvements since purchase and it has been well maintained and garaged with low miles since upgrades. Saudi Tan/Olive Drab paint.  This thing will go anywhere and turn heads at every bump, berm and crevasse in the road. Seller reserves right to pull at any time, as it is featured on Craiglist and others as well. Over $20,000 in Upgrades Included: Rebuilt 2.8L Engine with Performance Cam and Pistons Rebuilt Carburetor Including Altitude Jets Tube Shaft Upgrade, Rebuilt Shift Cone (Bushings, Bearings, Seals And O-Rings) Replaced Axle Boots and Shift Indicators Engine Shrouding, Stripped and Painted Upgraded Electronic Ignitions System Modified Rear Springs 12 Volt Electrical System Inverter Upgraded Recaro Bucket Seats Re-Upholstered Rear Bench W/ New Seat Belts and Brackets H-4 Headlights, Turbo Style Taillights Complete Body Paint (Interior and Exterior) Complete Armor Coat Black Body Undercoat New Tires and Rims (5X) Spare Tire Carrier 24 Volt Winch and Winch Guard

This thing is sorted, clean, and ready to get… un-clean. I want it, I need it, and I am seriously considering the value of having two kidneys at this very moment. Now that I’ve shared my Friday Fantasy, it’s time to share one of your own. Get to shopping and share what you find in the comments below. [Source:[sc:ebay itemid=”221548199699″ linktext=”eBay Motors”]]

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