Engage Cloaking Devices – BMW & MINI Edition

The roads around Southern California are filled with interesting cars. You name a marquee and it’s pretty likely that I have seen an example driving down PCH. Every now and then I spy something out of the ordinary. This morning I caught a BMW and what I am assuming to be a MINI Countryman cruising down the Pacific Highway in their stupid plastic best body-cladding camouflage.
Hop the jump for more photos. Also, identify the BMW if you can…

After I put the phone away and stopped swerving into random cars around me, another Cooper caught up to these two wearing that fancy swirl camo but only on the front and rear bumpers.

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  1. engineerd Avatar

    The Bimmer looks to be a 7-series. Maybe the new 740i?
    At least their camo is more than just some 200-mile and hour tape over the badging.