Electric Cannonball: NYC to LA in an Audi E-Tron

We shared this news with you at the end of 2019. There was a separate video cut for the Ride channel. But we wanted to put out one of our own. So here’s the Hooniverse point of view on the trip across country. Our Audi E-Tron Cannonball adventure begins at the Red Ball Garage in New York City. It concludes, 60 hours later, at the Portofinio Inn in Redondo Beach, California.

Click play and check it out:

Would I do it again? Yes, actually. Now that I know a bit more about what it takes to make this run, I can go in with more knowledge and confidence to do it more quickly. And there are more chargers coming online on a near-constant basis. Picking a better time of year would allow for a more direct route. That means a shorter trip, less charging time, and an overall faster and more efficient run.

When it gets warm out, I think we’re going to have to give this another go…

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3 responses to “Electric Cannonball: NYC to LA in an Audi E-Tron”

  1. Andrew Fails Avatar
    Andrew Fails

    Dude, I’m proud of you, regardless of time. That’s just a brutal endeavor.

    1. Tamerlane's Thoughts Avatar
      Tamerlane’s Thoughts

      This seemed like a major PITA. And I say this as an EV owner. Good job, Jeff and gang!

    2. outback_ute Avatar

      As one of the old Cannonball winners said, first go sit in your car in the driveway for 32 hours to get an idea of what it’s like