Do you treat your baby like a classic car?er, we meant your classic like a baby

american collectors car commercial

Some of you have a serious relationship with your automobile. Some of you believe in seeing other people and spread your love across many automobiles. Regardless of how many machines you have a relationship with, you probably treat them like they’re a part of the family.

Our friends at American Collector’s Insurance know this, and they put together two quick ad spots around this concept. One features a “baby’d” Camaro and the other is about an older gentleman’s love for his Thunderbird. Click past the  jump to check them out.



Additionally, American Collector’s Insurance has recently announced that it will be the presenting sponsor of My Classic Car, which is a show premiering on Velocity. It will also air on MAV TV. The host is Dennis Gage so you can get your mustache fix alongside your classic car fix. It runs on Saturday at 6:3oam ET and Sunday at 9:30am ET on Velocity and five days a week on MAV TV.

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