Dieselfumes: A Screaming Detroit Diesel in a 1967 Kenworth; A sound you will never forget!

Surfing some of the other blogs in the blogosphere, I happened to come across Brian Lohnes excellent blog, Bangshift. He closed out Fridays edition with this gem, a 1967 Kenworth W925 with a Detroit Diesel 8V71, and the driver was rowing through an Eaton 13 Speed Transmission. Make the jump to watch both videos, as the driver rows through the gears, and uses the “Jake” brake to slow the truck down.

This is a very old school truck, with a roof top air conditioning unit, and no power steering (look how many turns of the wheel it takes!). The noise is exhilarating, but I have to say that after an hour, it would become nauseating. Shows you that Truck Drivers were made of sterner stuff back then.

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