Depth of Speed: A fast flower looks to 300 miles per hour

If you’re not familiar with Josh Clason’s Depth of Speed video series, you need to school yourself immediately. Clason has a subtle style, which applies a wonderful aura to everything his lens captures. His most recent subject is a streamliner called the Flower of Scotland. For those out of the quest-for-speed loop, streamliners are the lightweight, slim machines built for the singular purpose of seeing ever higher figures pertaining to miles traveled per hour sling past. Typically, I assume, they’re driven by delightful psychopaths.

The Flower of Scotland is such a vehicle, but it has a motley crew that is surprisingly devoid of psychopaths. Well, the non-American members seem that way at least. There is a forced-induction-loving Texan on the team that would fit in nicely here in the Hooniverse.  Helming this landship is the task of team leader Rick Pearson, a man hoping to become just the 7th Brit to enter into “the 300-mph chapter of the 200-mph club.” Helping Pearson is his Glasgow-based engineering crew, and a logistics crew made up of French fellows living in California.

Pearson, his team, and the Flower of Scotland are hoping to gain entry into the 300-mph club, and their target speed is 315 mph. Pushing them there is a 1.0-liter ZX-11 motor plucked from a Kawasaki. That aforementioned Texan then slapped on a massive Garrett turbocharger capable of around 35 psi. Estimated power is in the range of 500 horses at full boost.

Despite having the machine, the crew, and the engine, it’s no easy task to waltz into Utah and walk away with a record. The Flower of Scotland is run by a team without major sponsors, so they can only afford to do this once per year. Click past the break to see if they fought against Proud Bonneville’s flats, and went homeward happy.

[Source: Depth of Speed]


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