Custom 1988 Saab 900 SPG Aero is wonderful example of optimistic eBay pricing

When selling a custom car, the owner can go in one of two directions. The first option is for a person to understand that one does not typically see a return on the amount of money invested into a custom vehicle, thus the sales price is an accurate reflection based on the market for said vehicle. The second option is for a seller to be overly emotionally invested in their custom car, and the asking price is an inflated value due to a falsely perceived vision of the cars actual worth.

It’s clear that the seller of this custom 1988 Saab 900 SPG Aero has chosen the second path to pricing…

This heavily modified Saab 900 SPG Aero is most likely a blast to drive. The owner undoubtedly spent loads of his hard-earned cash transforming the car into a coupe that’s ready to unleash hell on most any canyon road. Unfortunately, the seller thinks all of those mods mean the car has soared in value.

The Buy-It-Now is set at $28,000.

Twenty-eight thousand dollars?! Apparently, the large rear wing is where the seller sits when he or she wants to huff glue. We hate to trash someone’s dreams, but no one is going to pay $28,000 for a heavily modified, 177,000-mile, Saab 900 unless Carlsson på taket himself drove it to victory in a rally while simultaneously teaching the latest James Bond how to drive for a film version of Licence Renewed. Hell, we’d pay $28,000 just to sit in the back seat for that… but we still wouldn’t pay $28,000 for this car.

[Source: eBay | Thanks for the tip, CraigSu!]

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