Craigslist: 1978 Bultaco Sherpa T awaits new trials


Man that Craig, he’s got one hell of a list, right? While perusing his lengthy list I managed to pluck a vintage gem from the swirling sea of over-priced “custom” Harley-Davidsons. Sitting in someone’s yard in the very town in which I reside is a 1978 Bultaco Sherpa T. What does that T stand for? Why it refers to Trials, my good man or woman. This is a vintage trial bike… and it’s waiting to go to a new home.

The Craiglist seller states that it is not California street legal, and it’s been registered as a Non-Op for some time. Still, the $1,495 asking price seems fair, especially considering that clean Bultaco models go for a few grand more. It doesn’t look like it would take much to turn this bike into a stunner.

Or… keep it dirty and ride the hell out of it.

(Also, I expect Tanshanomi to come in and correct me on everything I’ve said.)

[Source: Craigslist]

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6 responses to “Craigslist: 1978 Bultaco Sherpa T awaits new trials”

  1. jeepjeff Avatar

    I think Mr. Craig has definitely pulled on over on Santa Claus in the list department. Any gift you could want, from free piles of dirt to supercars, and he doesn't bother with the "nice" list.

  2. danleym Avatar

    (Hands over ears screaming) La la la la la la. I'm not listening. I don't want to hear anything about craigslist and motorcycles. Nope, not giving into temptation this time.

  3. Trouble Avatar

    It hurts to think about riding that

  4. marmer01 Avatar

    If I recall correctly, it was either a Bultaco Sherpa T or a Montesa Cota that was used for the famous bike chase in "Freebie and the Bean." Was always astounded that some poor schmuck had to ride a trials bike on the street in order to set up the whole scene. Pretty funny to see all that pre-mix exhaust with today's eyes. And, yes, you never sit down except when going between stages. Often trials bikes have four very low gears and one super-tall one for going between stages.

  5. Steve Avatar

    Bultaco: the least bankrupt Spanish motorcycle company.