Craigslist: 1962 Bel Air Wagon With Modern Power

1962 Bel Air Wagon
Whenever I travel, I always wind up at the local airport far too early. So when that happens, I pull out my laptop and start checking out what the local Craigslist has to offer. Today I’m in Miami (just drove the new Honda HR-V, which I can’t tell you about yet), so I was very curious as to what I might find. A few listings from Cuba popped up, the random smattering of muscle cars and hot rods were there, and a few nice old pickups caught my eye as well.
It’s this 1962 Bel Air wagon that has me drooling a bit, however, and it’s due in part to what’s under the hood.

1962 bel air wagon engine
That is the LS3 motor you’d typically find in a Corvette… and every project car ever it seems. Still, it’s a popular choice for a reason. You can practically trip over spare parts you find lying in a random gutter in every city in the world.
Here it works quite well snuggled between the front fenders of this old-school long roof. Here’s the rest of the listing:

1962 Belair wagon, LS3 motor, a/c , rust free texas car, lowered on 17′ Coys, runs and drives, needs paint and interior. ALL THE HARD WORK IS DONE! 18k obo Please call

So the price seems a bit on the crackalicious side, but it’s still an attractive beast. I’d be much more inclined to find a price closer (and realistically, under) the 10k mark. Hagerty pegs the average price for a ’62 Bel Air wagon in the 11-13k range depending on the engine (not counting the 409 cars, which are in the mid 30k range). That figure is for a car in very good shape but not perfect.
So yes, the seller here has partaken in some high-grade crack (actually, it’s Miami so we know what the drug of choice is), but the car is still pretty sweet. It just needs to come down in price by about ten grand.
[Source: Craigslist]

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  1. Rover_1 Avatar

    I’d drive that, as is.

  2. Feds Avatar

    HRV you say? Hope it’s as stylish as this shooting brake:

  3. Roger Henry Avatar

    Uhm, no, all the hard work is not done. I am also concerned about the quality of that “hard work”.

  4. salguod Avatar

    So, putting a new V8 in where an old V8 likely lived is the hard work and body work, paint work, chrome work and interior refinishing is not the hard work? Methinks you’re confused.
    Someone must have agreed, however, the listing has disappeared.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      Yeah, definitely agree that the body work is the stuff more patient folks will do…