Cop this armored-up all-wheel-drive Dodge Charger Hellcat

I’ve always been oddly attracted to the police version of random vehicles. A perfect modern daily driver in my eyes? It would be a Caprice or full pursuit-spec Explorer. Or the Dodge Charger Hellcat modified by Armormax for police pursuit duty.
According to MotorAuthority, Armormax has taken the 707-horsepower Hellcat and converted it to wear ballistic armor protection, police-spec lighting, and underbody protection. There’s a set of bull bars up front, which are perfect for a well-placed PIT maneuver. The most interesting upgrade, however, is that now this Hellcat sends out its power to all four wheels.
Yes, you can buy an all-wheel-drive Charger. You cannot buy an all-wheel-drive Hellcat Charger though, but Armormax has found a way around that problem.
What the company have created is the greatest all-weather highway cruiser. I’d ditch the matte black paint work for some standard police-spec gloss black. Maybe also spec some modified steel wheels as well. But that’s it.
… I spaced out there for a second. I was day dreaming about blasting down the 405 with this thing and finally getting people to move out of the left lane of the highway.
I really need this car in my life.

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4 responses to “Cop this armored-up all-wheel-drive Dodge Charger Hellcat”

  1. Kamil K Avatar

    The Jeep Trackhawk is the best Hellcat because it is all-wheel-drive.
    This is the bestest Hellcat, because all-wheel-drive.
    I wanna see pics of this driveline.

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      The same as the Hellcat?
      If choosing from police cars, I’d like one of the NSW HWP Falcon XR6 Turbos, where they added the Brembo brakes.

  2. Fred Avatar

    If my county bought this cruiser it would have some budget explaining to do.

  3. Zentropy Avatar

    The precinct that buys one of those will start every day with elimination rounds of rock-paper-scissors.