Classic Captions – The 1980 Toyota Celica Sunchaser Edition

tumblr_l3rbntaiyv1qanlclo1_1280 Welcome to the Hooniverse Classic Captions Post, and once again, it’s that time of the week in which this feature appears, so let’s review the premise; I search for images that were used by the car companies in their print advertising or brochures, and it is your job to provide a humorous caption that is some how tied in with the image. When I was on duty for the Weekend Edition I did a post on the Toyota Celica Sunchaser, and look what I found, but we will get back to that in a minute… 14340227036_d7db59bda1_h Last time, we had an image of a young couple and a Jeep Wrangler, and it seems that the participation level was a bit light, so once again I have to ask What’s up with that? The runner-up comment was from longtime Hooniverse Fan, Tomsk (Who is actually the senior editor of another website, so click here and visit that site), and this was his caption: “Sadly, the pilot for The Fresh Prince of Moab was never picked up.” Very funny Tomsk, but there was one comment that was the overwhelming favorite this time. And the winning comment came from Atomic Toaster Poster Extraordinaire, engineerd™, and it tied in one of the more memorable design flaws of this particular version of the iconic Jeep: “I have a dream that some day I’ll be judged by the content of my character and not the shape of my headlights.” This was a well thought out caption, so congratulations engineerd™ on winning the classic caption contest this time. It’s now time to take a look at this weeks entry, and I came across this particular image after writing about the Toyota Celics Sunrunner over the weekend. This is a publicity image for the conversion, but I am not sure if it was for Toyota, or the manufacturer of the Sunrunner Conversion. Did you know the you could get a Sunrunner Conversion on an AMC Concord or Eagle? (By the way, here is a web site dedicated to these cars) Anyway, this image has it all for the 80’s… The guy with way too much hair on his head, as well as around his upper lip (Wow, what a Porn Stache, Bro!) with a very svelte beauty who isn’t at all blonde, but is in some sort of a minimalist swimsuit. God, I really loved the 80’s… So, what do you think the relationship is between this young and attractive couple… Friends, Lovers, Sex Slaves? Why not tell us what you think in the comments and I’ll just stand over…………….here! (You can click here to see the full size image) You have the next five days to come up with a great caption. The editors will deliberate on the merits of each entry, and after contemplating our own caption (You know, this really is a very provocative image), we will pronounce a winner. So, get to work and create you’re own caption for this rather unusual image. Photo Credit: Motoriginal

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