Classic Captions – The 1979 Ferrari 308 GTS Edition

14851976123_bf0413d250_h-003 Welcome to the Hooniverse Classic Captions Post, and it’s that time of the week in which this feature appears, so let’s review the premise; I search for images that were used by the car companies in their print advertising or brochures, and it is your job to provide a humorous caption that is some how tied in with the image. This week we break out the riding crop and breeches to saddle an Italian Stallion, but we will get to that in a moment… 14756244838_88d4045600_b Last time, we had an image of a crowd in a deserted office park, and the participation rate was a little bit better, so let’s see if we can step it up a notch or two… we had two clear favorites this time, and our runner up comment was from GTXcellent, and he seems to be producing some great captions lately, like this one: “Well you can tell by the way I use my walk, I’m a woman’s man: and another woman’s man, and a man’s man, and an old ladies’ man, and some teenager’s man, and a married couple’s man. No time to talk. How am I stayin’ aliiiiiiiiiivvvvvve? Stayin’ alive. Pimpin’ ain’t easy”. Ah Yes, the Bee Gee’s Stayin’ Alive… that sure takes me back, but there was one comment that was the run away favorite… And the winning comment was from smalleyxb122, (Yes Again…), and his caption was very short and to the point: “Taking a Lincoln to the theater? This will not end well.” This had the groan factor as well, and I wondered why I didn’t think of it when I decided to use the image in the first place. Congratulations smalleyxb122 on winning this edition of the Hooniverse Classic Captions Contest… It’s now time to take a look at this weeks entry, and I decided to raid Alden Jewell’s Flickr Account again, and use this Ferrari 308 GTS image from 1979. There is a girl sitting on top of the hood of the Ferrari, wearing the finest in Equestrian Gear. The riding pants are called Breeches, and she sports a pair of riding boots, a riding vest, and just to break with tradition, driving gloves, and a golf cap! Now, if she was hired by a gentleman for a little, well how am I going to put this… A little play time, all she would need is a riding crop… (Oh, go look it up will you!) But to be sitting on a Ferrari in this attire, well, yes, it is appropriate… I guess this was a way of selling a Ferrari in the late 70’s, as it did nothing but generate pure lust from everyone who saw one, but is this really the correct way to sell a Sports Car? (You can click here to see the full size image) You have the next five days to come up with a great caption. The editors will deliberate on the merits of each entry, and after contemplating our own caption (Yes, I know sex sells…), we will pronounce a winner. So, get to work and create you’re own caption for this provocative image. Photo Credit: Alden Jewell’s Flickr Photostream

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