Clarion built a better OG Acura NSX

The original Acura NSX is something special. It’s a real driver’s car that managed to stun the world, not with tremendous power but instead by providing a truly world-class driving experience. Still, there’s room for improvement with any car and Clarion has plucked an old NSX out from the crowd and turned into a stunner.
Check off another excellent build for the folks at the Clarion Builds program. The audio company is cranking out excellent project machines, letting folks get to sample them for a bit, and then auctioning them off for charity.
This NSX is following that same path, and its ultimate owner is going to wind up with a supercharged delight. Behind the cabin sits a 3.2-liter engine that is paired with a supercharger. It’s not putting out somewhere in the neighborhood of 465 horsepower.
Clarion had the suspension swapped out for KW units. Stoptech provides the braking force. Rays wheels look excellent wrapped in sticky tires, and the whole package brings the car to another level. Oh there’s also the one-off exhaust and carbon fiber airbox provided by AEM.
For a different type of sound, you of course have the full audio system provided by Clarion, and it sounds almost as wicked as the exhaust note.

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5 responses to “Clarion built a better OG Acura NSX”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    I recall seeing a review of this car sometime last year, maybe end of summer/early fall. Clarion did a great job with what was already an impressive car. Too bad about the color, but the sound is intoxicating.

    1. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      I quite like the colour.
      At least it’s not “mid-life crisis sports-car red”

      1. Zentropy Avatar

        Red and yellow rank pretty low on my list, too.

    2. Thomas Thompson Avatar
      Thomas Thompson

      There’s not much I like here, except perhaps the 3.2 with the supercharger. The color’s OK, but it’s wrong, the spoiler’s all wrong, the dash is ridiculous, the seat color clashes with the exterior color, the stitching/logo in the headrest is understandable but hideous, there’s no passenger legroom thanks to the giant sub, black wheels are douchey, and I don’t care for the harsh sound of the engine.
      Having spent a few hours behind the wheel of a brand new 1994 NSX back in the day, I guess I’m a stickler for originality, and trust me, there is nothing wrong with the original exhaust note when you hit 8000 RPM. I realize it’s a promo car, but they’ve taken an exotic beauty and tarted it up for no good reason. It’s like drawing a moustache on the Mona Lisa. Sacrilege.

      1. Zentropy Avatar

        To each his own. IMO the color looks like something you’d find on a 4-cylinder Ford Probe from the early 90s. I hate rear wings on cars, period, but I’ve learned to overlook them because they are ubiquitous these days. The wheels aren’t black, they’re bronze. I’m wondering if Clarion was going for an STi look here.
        I love the interior, which would look great if the exterior weren’t that hideous blue (I’m thinking white). And I agree that the footwell subwoofer is stupid, but it is Clarion, after all.