Clarion Builds BMW 2002 Is Boxy Brilliance

Remember when BMW used to be… well, BMW? By that, I mean there was a time when BMW built simple yet focused machine that helped the brand earn the title of The Ultimate Driving Machine. The folks at Clarion know all about that time, because they recently added a BMW 2002 to their own stable.
The car is the first in a series and it serves to launch the Clarion Builds program to the world. It’s one hell of a way to get attention, and the car has received plenty of attention both on the exterior skin and under all the metal.
This isn’t some restomodded machine that is a fraction of what it used to be. Instead, Clarion took the approach of upgrading and restoring the car to a level that makes sense. It has nice new suspension bits but there’s no power steering system added in. The engine is still the M10 you’d expect to find under the hood but it’s breathing through a pair of Weber carbs touched off with a beautiful K&N airbox.
This is how you’d want to build your own BMW 2002 if you had the time and money. It’s perfect, it’s wonderful, and it is a great reminder of just the sort of car BMW used to build.

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  1. dukeisduke Avatar

    *Used* to build is right, before iDrive, turbos, electronic nannies, etc.

    1. smokyburnout Avatar

      do they call it iFährt at home

  2. mdharrell Avatar

    “It’s perfect….”
    I can think of a couple of small improvements:

    1. CraigSu Avatar

      If only they had found a ’72 or ’73 instead of a ’74. Major points, though, for going with Euro bumpers instead of the American “park bench” style. I also wish they had added some driving/fog lights to the front.

  3. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    BMWs used to be well built Alfa Romeos before they turned into very slightly sporty Mercedes Benzes.
    Edit: To finish it off properly they need to paint black the body work visible behind the grille like the original.

  4. Greg Kachadurian Avatar
    Greg Kachadurian

    I grew up loving BMW back when things like the E46 M3 and the S85 V10 were still around. That was the BMW I fell in love with but quickly learned to honor the classics like the 2002 as if they were gods. The oldest BMW I’ve driven is an E36 M3 but I’m afraid anything older will ruin my love for the new-ish cars. That said, I’m insanely jealous you got to drive this 😛 Great video

  5. Tanshanomi Avatar

    Really loved the musical score.