Chevy Enthusiast via Hooniverse: The Chevy Laguna Type S-3

The 1970’s era was like no other when it came to the Domestic Automotive Landscape. In the course of a single decade, new laws were written that had a profound effect on the design, production, and the sale of cars. Within this new and heavily-regulated environment, Chevrolet introduced a new nameplate, the Laguna. This is my July column for Chevy Enthusiast Magazine. It is an undiscovered collectible, mostly because the predecessor Chevy mid-sized models have a rabid following in the collector car community. Many Chevy aficionados consider the “Colonade” editions the Red Headed stepchild, with their massive bulk, lack of a true hardtop (or convertible), and Guard Rails used for bumpers. That is starting to change because these cars are undervalued. You could purchase 3 Laguna Type S-3’s (in rether decent condition) for the price of one 68-72 Chevelle SS. You may not get the rip snorting horsepower of the 396, but the 454 has stump pulling torque in its favor. And look, I also did an Obscure Muscle Car feature on the Laguna over at CarDomain. I did a comparison with the Ford Torino, and it seemed that the readers over there preferred the Torino over the Laguna. So what do you think? Is the Laguna a worthy Muscle Car, or is it just a mildly interesting collectible? Read the Chevy Enthusiast Article by clicking on this link. The CarDomain Obscure Muscle Car article can be reached by clicking here.

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