Chevy Enthusiast via Hooniverse: The 1964 Chevy Super Nova Show Car

This is an interesting piece I did recently for Chevy Enthusiast Magazine on a little known show car that made its debut in the Spring of 1964. However, this was also the time in which the wildly successful Ford Mustang made its debut, making this show car virtually obsolete overnight. Was it a case of bad timing, or did it forecast the general direction of Chevrolet in the future? GM always gauged public reaction to new or upcoming models using “Dream Cars” developed within the styling studios controlled by Harley Earl and, after 1958, by Billy Mitchell. Both men were visionaries, creating some of the most memorable dream cars ever. Earl’s dream cars included the Buick Y-Job of 1938, the Futureliner of 1940, the Buick LeSabre of 1951, and the Corvette based Chevy Nomad of 1954. Mitchell’s contributions were subtler and sleeker with restrained use of extra ornamentation. They included the Corvette Mako Shark, the Corvair Monza GT, and the subject covered here, the Super Nova. If you want to read more about this fascinating car, you will have to go over to the on-line edition of Chevy Enthusiast Magazine. Good News! You will no longer have to submit your e-mail address to gain access, so what are you waiting for? Image Credits: Lead Image: GM Media Archives – 1966 Chevy II from full line brochure, Richard Truesdell Collection.

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