Carroll Shelby-owned Toyota 2000GT for sale… and it's the first one ever built

The Toyota 2000GT is a shapely speed machine that pushed the word “supercar” into the Japanese lexicon. It’s also become one of (if not the) most prized collectible Japanese automobile ever made. Hell, it was even good enough for Mr. Bond himself in You Only Live Twice, albeit in the never-sold convertible version shown on screen. Another person who enjoyed the 2000GT? Carroll Shelby. That quick Texan took delivery of a couple examples for use during the 1968 SCCA season. One of the cars in particular was tagged as MF10-10001. That number’s significant because it just so happens to be the first production Toyota 2000GT ever built… and now it’s for sale. Owned by Maine Line Exotics, located in … Maine, holds the title to Mr. Shelby’s former SCCA-running 2000GT, and it’s putting a For Sale sign in the window. Asking price? $1.7 million. The price of any Toyota 2000GT is steadily climbing, throw in the fact that the one seen here is a Shelby-raced, first-ever example, and we expect Maine Line Exotics will have no problem finding a buyer at (or near) that price. [Source: Japanese Nostalgic Car, Maine Line Exotics]

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