California Craigslist – Wagon Wednesday Edition: Are you insane enough to handle the W8 Passat 4Motion?

Do you live your life one torque converter at a time? In those 100,000 miles or less…. you’re free. You might be the type of man or woman who is ready to step to the plate to enjoy a slice of rare German longroof pie. The 2003 Volkswagen Passat wagon you see above is equipped with the W8 motor, and it sends power out to all four wheels courtesy of the 4Motion all-wheel-drive system. It’s not the rarest manual transmission-equipped variety, but you’re not likely to come across any versions all too often.

The seller of this example says the W8 wagon has 88,498 well-maintained miles, and that everything is in solid condition. Does that make you intrigued? If I tell you that the asking price is $11,994, does that sweeten the pot?

This car is clearly interesting for its rarity, but also a potential nightmare because of the very items that make it rare. It would be a fun car while working properly, but it might be smart to heed the words of Iron Maiden on this one…

run for the hills, run for your lives.

Check out the ad here.

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