California Craigslist: "Slant nose" Porsche 930

I didn’t even enter anything into the search bar in the automotive section of my local Craigslist. Still, one of the first results was this 1975 Porsche 930 Cabriolet. Not just any 930 mind you, this one has the ultra rare Slant Nose or “Flachbau” option. Wait… didn’t the seller say this is a 1975? Porsche didn’t offer the slant nose option until 1981.

Regardless of the flacid bow, the seller states that this particular Porsche features the upgraded 3.3-liter drivetrain from a 1985 911. That would be a nice jump in go-energy over the 1975 3.0-liter motor. However, the seller claims that the car is smog exempt because the chassis is from 1975, yet the engine is from 1985. That might cause a bit of a no-no from the California DMV.

So what’s the asking price for this confused cabriolet? Just $12,900, which seems like a good deal for a fun looking Porsche. The car has a salvage title, which is apparently the result of theft recovery. I’m not one to judge about that since Project Civic Si(gh) has the same title situation (Crap, I need to get that to a smog station too…).

Here’s the full ad for those interested:

1975 Porsche Slope Nose Cabriolet with 1985 Rebuilt Engine Trans VIN 9115211018 This is a real steel slope not fiberglass Since it is a 1975 Chassis it is smog exempt It has had upgrade of a 1985 Drivetrain. One of the best most bullet proof engines Porsche ever made. The car is quick but also very reliable with this drivetrain New clutch New Top The conversion was done on a salvage title car (theft recovery) however the car drives and stops straight and true. The car has been reinspected and re-certified by DMV Porsche Cup Wheels in great shape Proper Paint Job Rear tires are new Great Driving and Looking car that gets noticed Call (831) 241-4144 Car is in Costa Mesa $12,900 Lots of photos here: See video here See another video here: Will consider trades

Click here for more photos and the actual ad.

[Source: Craigslist]

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