Build your …new …C-Type Jaguar?!

Most automakers use a tool called a configurator, which allows potential customers the ability to “build” out a specific model to their desired specs. Jaguar Classic just launched a new configurator that allows potential customers to spec out their desired C-Type. That’s right, Jag Classic will crank out a small run of C-Type Continuation cars and each one is a rolling work of art.

The car is built to honor the C-Type that won Le Mans back in 1953. Jaguar built 53 C-Types back in the 1950s. With this “modern” run, the automaker will produce a maximum of 16. And you can head over to the Jaguar Classic visualizer to build one to your spec. By that, I mean pick the exterior and interior colors and then decide if you want a number circle on the door and hood and a Jaguar badge on the nose.

These “new” C-Types are built using modern tech. The entire car was digitally recreated in CAD first. Jag uses better metal to shape the body. And under the hood, it’s old-school Jaguar magic in the form of a 3.4-liter inline six-cylinder engine that breathes through a triple Weber carb setup. This mill pushes out 220 horsepower, which is plenty in a machine like this.

And it is ready to go racing. Jaguar Classic says the car is built to FIA standards so that it may be raced in vintage events. So it’s a good thing those with deep pockets will be allowed to put these expensive bits of beauty to proper use.

How much? The folks at Car and Driver are saying the price will be in the seven-figure range. That’s a lot of dough. Hopefully, the person that buys one of these also isn’t afraid to set its tires to racing circuit tarmac and let it loose. Because it deserves to be ripping through a pack of cars on its way to glory… or at the very least, ripping down a backroad letting that XK engine shout to the sky.

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One response to “Build your …new …C-Type Jaguar?!”

  1. Sjalaguar Avatar

    That’s just gorgeous, doing everything right, down to the carburetted motor. I’m not even mad at the price and shocking display of wealth disparity this plays off of. Much better to buy one of these than another set of vulgar Lambos.

    (Or, alternatively, my favourite continuation series: