BREAKING: Chevrolet spied testing new C9 Corvette!

Our spotters in Milford have spied something wild from Chevrolet. With their lenses trained on the darkest corners of the proving grounds, spy photogs captured a brand-new Corvette. It’s been rumored but it looks like the C9 is happening. And hold on to your hats, because Chevy is moving the engine into the nose.

After years of talking about it, showing off crazy concepts, and testing market appeal, the GM brass have given Corvette engineers and designers the green light to radically restyle America’s sports car.

What does this mean for the C9? It means totally reworked driving dynamics, a forward view filled with a whole lot of hood, and the potential to reach a new demographic of Corvette fan. All those years chasing down Euro-centric brand appeal are ready to fall by the wayside as we get set to welcome this wild new Corvette into our lives.

Rumor has it that the C9 Corvette will debut in time for the 2025 model year.

What else can we expect?

Well the possible powertrains include a 6.2-liter V8, 5.5-liter V8, 6.0-liter V8, a different 6.2-liter V8, and hydrogen because why the fuck not? All will be paired with an 11-speed automatic gearbox as standard, because you guessed it – this one goes to 11. And while at 11, it returns 30 mpg.

A four-speed manual will be optional and it will be purposely terrible to force you not to buy it.

As for the starting price, it will be more than the top trim of the Mustang or Challenger, because screw those guys. No word yet on whether Chevy will bring the Camaro back though, ever since it got its ass handed to it by the other two we just mentioned.

Party time for future reveal?

Talking to our agents embedded deep within GM’s top ranks, we’ve heard chatter about a possible reveal event held in the geographic center of the US. And at a time that doesn’t interfere with the evening news or any gameshows.

Stay tuned as we learn more…

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9 responses to “BREAKING: Chevrolet spied testing new C9 Corvette!”

  1. crank_case Avatar

    Quality Shitposting. This is the content I come here for.

  2. Vairship Avatar

    Ahem, it’s well known that the C10 Corvairette will have the aircooled aluminum flat-6 engine slung behind the rear wheels to finally take the fight to those darned Europeans! And they’ll sell 1.8 million of them!

    1. SpeedTubeMan Avatar

      that car is from 1962.

  3. SpeedTubeMan Avatar

    this is a lie. they photoshopped a C5 front onto an NSX.

  4. SpeedTubeMan Avatar

    because the wheels look locked while on a straight. and the quality.

    1. TheStradman69 Avatar

      Were you stupid enough to think this was real? lol Its obviously made to be a joke

      1.  Avatar

        i think i know that

  5. SpeedTubeMan Avatar

    i found both of the images seperate. now who is the liar?

  6.  Avatar

    That’s actually an Acura NSX