Blipshift and The Smoking Tire have created a t-shirt that supports CA firefighters

California has been consistently ravaged by fire. Recently, the Camp Fire in Northern California and the Woolsey Fire near Los Angeles have caused horrible devastation. California Fire Fighters are doing their best to keep the state, it citizens and guests, and many homes, as safe as possible. But it’s an incredibly difficult and dangerous job. In an effort to lend a hand of the financial variety, Blipshift and The Smoking Tire have teamed up to create a t-shirt, which sees 100% of the profits donated to the California Fire Foundation.
You can buy the shirt here.
It’s a wonderful design, that highlights some of our favorite driving rounds in the Malibu and Greater Los Angeles area. Buy one. Support the effort to help our fire fighters continue to do their excellent jobs. And rock this shirt at your next cars and coffee, canyon run, or into the office on Cool Shirts Wednesday. Which is a thing we just made up, and now you need to institute at your workplace.

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One response to “Blipshift and The Smoking Tire have created a t-shirt that supports CA firefighters”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    A nice gesture