Bill Goldberg understeers his NASCAR Toyota Tundra into the hay at Goodwood

Bill Goldberg loves him some powerful automobiles. Recently, the former professional wrestler has been seen all over Southern California enjoying his green Dodge Demon. Now Goldberg has trekked to Goodwood to take in the Festival of Speed… and we mean really take it in.
Goldberg owns a former NASCAR Craftsman Toyota Tundra. In fact, I believe this is the same truck that Mike Skinner used to absolutely blitz the hill back in 2016. Bill himself jumped behind the wheel, and the heavy hitter was hitting the throttle with all his might.
You could hear that Goldberg was on it, and working to set a quick time… until the nose of the truck needed a snack of hay bales. After making it past the famed flint wall, the track leads to a tight final series of turns. That’s where Goldberg pushed a bit wide and was collected by the hay.
The hit doesn’t look too devastating and we hope Bill and his team can get the truck back into shape to make some more runs throughout the weekend.

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2 responses to “Bill Goldberg understeers his NASCAR Toyota Tundra into the hay at Goodwood”

  1. 0A5599 Avatar

    At first I was worried that lightly brushing up a hay bale like that would have destroyed that truck.
    Then I remembered it doesn’t actually have a Tundra frame.

  2. Zentropy Avatar

    I despise understeer, and even though this isn’t a “real” truck, in my experience understeer is terrible on pickups. I once had a 2WD shortbed 4L Ranger with a stick that I tried to make into a mini muscle truck, but could never completely rid it of the dreaded push. Any time the roads got twisty, I had to back off. The harder I drove it, the less it would bite. It was not a good dance partner at all.
    The concept of racing trucks doesn’t make much sense to me (unless it’s off-road).