Be prepared for the upcoming zombie apocalypse by adding this Ruckus to your fleet

If there’s anything you need to know about the future, it’s that a zombie apocalypse is a certainty. The dead shall rise from their graves, and those left living will have to fend for themselves in whatever manner they are able. There are tools available today, to put you in a better position tomorrow, and one of them just popped up on Craigslist in a section of FEMA Region 6 currently known as Austin, Texas. Known as the Zoomer to parts of the world outside of America and our hat, the Honda Ruckus sprang into the marketplace as a 2003 model in late 2002. Power is sent to the drive wheel courtesy of a 49 cubic centimeter four-stroke motor, unless you opt for the Big Ruckus, which is equipped with a 249-cc unit. The vehicle in question here is the 4-horsepower, 3.3 pound-feet of torque variety Ruckus… with a few modifications to make sure it’s fit for zombie killing duty. The seller has installed Tireballs into the rubber running gear so you don’t have to worry about flats. A handy gun rack sits just to the side of the seat, and extra clips can be stowed right in front of the handlebars. Also, an extra-capacity battery has been installed so you’re not left to push an electron-needing Ruckus back to your protective fort. The seller claims this Ruckus is good for over 100 miles per gallon, and is capable of speeds exceeding 30 miles per hour. Those preparing for the zombie apocalypse will need to bring $2,500 (or possibly Nuka-Cola bottle caps), if this ride seems like the right fit. That sounds like a bit much, even with the upgrades, considering this 700-mile example costs the same as a brand-new 2011 (2012 MSRP TBD) Honda Ruckus. Still, it might be worth the extra bucks for having some portable piece of mind sitting in your armored garage, armored toy hauler, or armored dirigible. Here at Hooniverse HQ, however, our two-wheeled zombie evasion machine of choice will be a Rokon. Check out the ad here. [Update: Ad has been pulled, thanks for the heads up everyone] [Source: Craigslist | Thanks for the tip, Doctor!]

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