Barrett-Jackson is coming back to Orange County

Time to dust off your favorite Affliction t-shirt, because Barrett-Jackson is coming back to Orange County… and Hooniverse will be attending. While we quite enjoy the more laid-back attitude found at a Mecum event, we can’t ignore the hype and excitement that comes from a Barrett-Jackson affair. What cars are early stand outs? Keep reading to have a look, and check out the random stuff we find when we attend the auction on June 22nd.

First on our list is the Land Rover shown above. What you are looking at is a 1954 Series I that was pressed into service as a fire truck in New Zealand. This truck still wears its original NZ plates, and boasts a working siren, lights, and a properly running engine. If you’re reading this site, you know this was one of the first vehicles to catch our eye. Yes… we want this to be the Official Vehicle of Hooniverse until we can steal afford that Unimog we featured earlier.

Next up is a custom 1964 Volkswagen Beetle that is setup perfectly for serious levels of hoonage regardless of the terrain. The fiberglass Baja body kit and roll cage, coupled with the upgraded 1600-cc motor and four-speed manual gearbox, have teamed up to create a super bug. We predict this VW to go for low money, yet yield high fun.

Want even more fun? Spring for this midget sprint… er, little person sprint car, which is powered by a Ford flathead V8 that’s running on alcohol. This lot is sold with a trailer, but we’d prefer to take our chances running this thing down the 405 freeway.

Finally… holy shit, another Unimog!

[Source: Barrett-Jackson]

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