Awesomeness… Now in Model Form.

Earlier this year we presented the wonderful work of Michael Paul Smith. His pieces are elaborate and amazing. They are also incredibly clean. What if you are a car nut who is more attracted to greasy grime and rust instead of gleaming chrome and polish? Well get ready to be astounded…again.
May I present to you the amazing clunk bucket models from Wolfie’s Speed and Drag Shop!

Apparently this Wolfie character appreciates the dirtier side of the automotive world and we are thankful for that.. His little works of art depict classic machines in various states of disrepair. I say various states, but I mean slightly different levels of destroyed…and they all look incredible.

If you get tired of staring at the endless array of mini broken dreams then Wolfie also offers a selection of drag models at the height of their glory.

Don’t you wish you could buy these to display in your garage/den/meth lab/trophy room? Well, Wolfie just became your new best friend
Oh… and Wolfie doesn’t just play with small toys, he likes the big ones too:
Super Ninja Edit: A big tip o’ the hat to KillerZomBee for the link!

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  1. muthalovin Avatar

    Boss. I like the look of that surfboard. It seems to have run into a shark or two. That is some pretty amazing work.

  2. Tomsk Avatar

    This guy is good. I love the post-apocalyptic G-body El Camino.

  3. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    This is what I'd do with my spare time if I had any skill at it.
    Hey, why am I letting that stop me…?

  4. Charles_Barrett Avatar

    Just what I always imagined the post-apocalyptic zombies would drive to the beach for their surfing parties (post-apocalyptic surfboard (!) included…)

  5. soo΄pәr-bādd75 Avatar

    That's just crazy. I can't get how he creates such realistic patina on what I assume are plastic models? Even if they're metal, they look like they've been sitting in a field rotting for years, it's incredible!

    1. KillerZomBee Avatar

      I stared at them for hours last night trying to figure it out. I used to try and weather my models as a kid, and they always turned out looking like someone had held them over a lighter and painted them with dirt, which is basically what I did. .
      This guy has some serious skills, and if you go to his workbench page you can figure a few of them out… like grinding down the back side to thin out the "rust holes". Brilliant!

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