AtomicToasters: Instant Pizza!


Were you curious about the “instant pizza” that caused Blake to put on his rubber pants in the middle of an English night during our last Hoonicast? No? Well, pretend you were anyhow. After a bit of prodding, he’s revealed all of the secrets of the magical pizza-making vending machine with which he shares a British dorm. Head on over to AtomicToasters for the full story — and we promise, there are no photos of the rubber pants.

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  1. bboxy Avatar

    even though this pizza was, we hear, gross, i'm sure in a few years we in big cities will see machines selling more-edible pizza. that'll be the day! this pie looks like a giant water cracker topped with melted styrofoam…

    1. Deartháir Avatar

      Mmmmm. Melted styrofoam.
      Let's face it, melted styrofoam is probably more appetizing than most of the rest of English cuisine.
      "Ahhh, c'est la Shredded Wheat! La cuisine de la Angleterre! Pas du sucre, pas du lait… c'est mange, mange, mangemangemangemangemangemangemange… voici! Diner!"
      Oh, Eddie Izzard, is there anything you can't be referenced for?