Aston Martin DB11 AMR – First Drive

Aston Martin has hit the rest button on its V12-packing DB11. The updated version is called the AMR, and it’s received adjustments to the engine, exhaust, steering response, suspension, and stability control.
There’s more horsepower (630 hp) from the 5.2-liter twin-turbocharged V12, and there’s also more noise. An ever slightly stiffer front roll bar dials in a dash more response from the nose while revised suspension damping flattens rear roll.
This is the DB11 V12 that Aston Martin should’ve launched with from the get to, but the car rides on a brand new platform and it comes with a learning curve. A curve that’s been aggressively tweaked thanks to former Lotus chassis tuning boss Matt Becker.
In short, Aston Martin looked at the issues from the first run on the DB11 V12 and fixed them. Thus we’ve arrived at the DB11 AMR… a smarter, sharper, louder, more focused grand tourer that’s still dripping with style and luxury.
Now it’s just got a bit more bite to go with its improved bark.
[Disclaimer: Aston Martin put me on six planes in total to get me to Germany to drive the car. There were hotels, food, and drink along the way.]

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9 responses to “Aston Martin DB11 AMR – First Drive”

  1. neight428 Avatar

    I’m just doing my part here in the comments section to prove to automobile manufacturers’ press reps that Hooniverse has a dedicated following of very enthusiastic readers eager to hear more about fantastic vehicles that they can totally afford so Jeff can get to drive more things with V-12’s on someone else’s dime. In Germany. We’re not just a bunch of SAAB weirdos.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      ha! Well thank you.
      But do know that our demographic actually skews higher than some think, in terms of income. Not everyone can afford such machines, of course, but there are some amongst us who could…
      Of course, they would just use those funds to acquire a fleet of the most random machines never heard of. We’re here to show them options.

    2. mdharrell Avatar

      Hey, everyone, I was just offered the chance to buy this weird SAAB-powered trike and… Oh. Maybe this isn’t the best time to mention it.

      1. I_Borgward Avatar

        (per-click revenue suddenly drops 10%)

      2. outback_ute Avatar

        I wonder if it sounds like the hotted up 93 out here?

        1. mdharrell Avatar

          I haven’t heard the trike run but my guess is yes. The seller is the president of the local SAAB club, the same guy who dragged my racing 96 from a farmer’s field years ago before rethinking the idea and passing it along to me. The catch is that he quite justifiably wants real money for the trike.

    3. Monkey10is Avatar

      Oh yeah… (I just got the memo…)
      I am completely a high net worth individual and totally in the market for whatever high end ve-hicle that the blooger Jeff is recommending this week.
      Dear Ashton Mitran, You should totally give Jeff more drives of your best vehicles becuz he influences how we spend our plentiful disposable incomes,
      yours, Mr. Monkey.
      (Jeff — is that what you wanted me to rite?)

    4. I_Borgward Avatar

      We’re certainly not all SAAB-driving weirdos. Some of us are Volvo-driving weirdos.
      But, back to the DB11. Can one hear the rattle of one’s conflict diamond bracelet when using the paddle shifters? Will the wail of the exhaust note drown out the wail of evicted pensioners? How many credit default swaps are needed to purchase a nice set of branded sisal floor mats? You know, news the Hoonitariat can use.

    5. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      We like other dead brands too, like Rover, Pontiac, Lancia, Studebaker, Oldsmobile or Chrysler.