An RC exhaust system by way of a plastic bottle and a driveshaft slapper

So you wish your RC drift machine sounded more like the real thing? We’ve found a fix that will get you a bit closer to what you seek. This Toyota AE86 remote control drift car makes glorious noise, and the way it does so is both very smart yet very simple.
The car is owned by Yoshitaka Hiraiwa. The driveshaft has been modified with an extra bit of material around the back half. Then wedged between the driftshaft and the bottom of the chassis, we have a folded up plastic bottle. That extra material on the driveshaft then smacks into the bottle every time it rotates. The smacking sounds intensifies as the revs increase, thus the entire effect comes off as if the car has an exhaust system.
The effect is excellent. Smart… yet simple, just like we said.
Thanks for the tip, John Cary!
[Source: 110% JDM Facebook Page]

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3 responses to “An RC exhaust system by way of a plastic bottle and a driveshaft slapper”

    1. HuntRhymesWith Avatar

      What’s the age limit on this trick? Asking for a friend

  1. Wayward David Avatar
    Wayward David

    Wonder of it would scale up to work on my Bolt…