Admin Stuff: Trying to make this place move faster…

You may notice a bit of wonky displays, too many ads, and a few other issues. We just flipped the switch to move the site to a more streamlined frontend and backend. This in turn should help speed up page loading and other issues we’ve been having. Once that’s all sorted, we’re going to re-address the lame comment system while also trying to bump up the content flow.

Yes, I read the comments in the News post last week. And yes… I agree with you all. We’re listening. I want this to be the Hooniverse you originally came to enjoy. It’s hard since a lot of those voices no longer write for the site but I’m trying to get back a bit of that oddball enjoyment. We will still have new vehicle news and reviews, but I want a greater mix of the weirdo-stuff too.

So please standby for any weirdness you may see today and over the next few days. Thanks for sticking around as long as you have, we appreciate you being here.

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10 responses to “Admin Stuff: Trying to make this place move faster…”

  1. OA5599 Avatar

    Once you get the infrastructure stuff stable, be sure to give us an update on the Jag.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      It’s massively overdue for a full video intro too. I’ve just been a bit busy with the whole paying gigs thing. But it is coming.

  2. Smaglik Avatar


  3. Aaron "The Savior" Graham Avatar

    OK y’all, should be back to full speed now.

  4. Sjalabais Avatar

    Now that is a spectacular improvement. Like finding out there’s another gear. Looking forward to everything you guys come up with!

  5. Neight428 Avatar

    Weirdness like what?

  6. Neight428 Avatar

    Like what?

  7. Maymar Avatar

    Not sure if anyone else is having the same issues, this is the newest post I see unless I search for something I know has been posted since (at which point, I can see all newer posts). I also know other comments have been posted here, but I can’t see them. Gotta replace the guibos on the turbo encapsulator again?

    Loved the Baja Bug piece though!

    1. wunno sev Avatar
      wunno sev

      yo Jeff, just wanted to say thanks for keeping the place running. I know Hooniverse probably doesn’t bring in a ton of revenue so I appreciate that you keep the lights on so we can continue to enjoy the site. social media car channels are mostly clickbait trash. Jalopnik, perpetually riding the quality roller coaster, is presently a hive for hot-take contrarianism and commenters who think two years of engineering school makes them “objective”. I love when I see bylines on other sites featuring members of the Hooniverse diaspora, and even if the trickle of content has slowed over the decade, it’s still one of the few sites I read daily.

  8. Salguod Avatar

    I definitely appreciate the work that goes into the site and I appreciate your listening to us in the peanut gallery. Looking forward to the changes.

    Big uptick in content this week, which is nice.

    The ads have gotten a little obtrusive, especially the ad every 3 comments thing. Hopefully they’re at least making you a few dollars.