A pair of past MURICA burnouts…

We like burnouts here. They’re childish, immature, stupid, wasteful, and wonderful. Using the combined power of an engine and brakes, you can create vast clouds of smoke, tremendous noise, and wicked glee. So today I’m presenting two quick clips we created over the last few years as a simple tribute to America Day.
Above we have a Chevrolet SS doing a bit of what it does best. The car comes from Australia, but that’s basically 1990s America, right now.
Below, we have a Corvette displaying a bit of tire destruction as well. Yes, I know the song is sung by a band not from these shores… but they’re singing an ode to us.

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4 responses to “A pair of past MURICA burnouts…”

  1. Papa Van Twee Avatar
    Papa Van Twee

    This is America*! This is what our burnouts really look like:
    *Really, the US… we aren’t the only country in America.

  2. Victor Avatar

    Burnouts with music??? Oh hell no ! The music is a well tuned engine and screaming tires.

  3. Victor Avatar

  4. cap'n fast Avatar
    cap’n fast

    VERY roadkill.