A literary journey where the focus is a love for two-wheeled machines

Frederick Seidel is an American poet who’s, to date, lived quite an interesting life. He’s been around the world, romanced beautiful women, and turned churning out words into a lifelong career. Born in 1936, Seidel’s been hanging around this green and blue ball for some years now, but there’s been one seemingly constant love affair that makes its presence throughout the mans body of work. I’m talking about his love of motorcycles.

Back in 2009, Harper’s published a collection of Mr. Seidel’s work that focuses on two-wheeled subject matter. I came across this lengthy (by Internet standards) but lovely read thanks to longtime reader skitter. The timing is perfect (or perverse, depending on your point of view) because I can’t stop thinking about acquiring a motorcycle of my own. I’ve never owned a bike, and I don’t really know how to ride one. Sure, I understand the mechanics of basic bike operation, but I don’t know how to ride one.

I sat down and read through About Motorcycles, and my growing thirst was not quenched. In fact, it’s now worse than ever. If you’ve ever considered getting a motorcycle, read these short stories and poems to make your decision official. If you’re already the proud owner of a two-wheeled slice of freedom, you should read it anyway to fall even further in love with your machine.

Click here to read About Motorcycles.

[Image: Flickr cc 2.0/Atsuhiko Takagi]

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