A Custom Tatra 603 Makes Our Eyes Water…. Is it Hooniversalustworthy or Not?

We received this outrageous little morsel from DamnElantra (Thanks Man!) of a Custom Tatra 603, that was turned into a Coupe, with an 80’s monochromatic paint scheme applied, a rear tail spoiler, doing its best interpretation of a Czech Drug Lord’s vehicle of choice. What the hell is going on here? Read more after the jump… There is absolutely no information pertaining to this car other that the price for this very white ride is €100,000 – or a little over $121,000 at current exchange rates – and that its a 1968 model. Turning an Iconic 603 Sedan into a Coupe is cool enough, but why go any further with the 80’s Cocaine Theme? If you want to see the listing, go here! So the question remains, is it Good, Bad, or Ugly? Comment away!

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