96 Body and 9-3 Brains: How To Combine Two Swedes Into One

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Here’s a conundrum I’m sure we all have dealt with at one point in our lives; what do you do when you have a Saab 96 and a 9-3 Aero? One answer is to combine the two into an unassuming Swedish track monster.

Neo Bros, a Saab parts specialist in the United Kingdom is doing just that. The company bought a 1974 Saab 96 and a 2004 9-3 Aero. Their plan is to combine 96’s body with the 9-3 Aero’s chassis and engine to create a track monster that weighs less than 1000 kilograms (about 2,205 lbs).

[Source: Neo Bros]

The project began with some deconstruction; the bottom half of the 96 and majority of the 9-3 were sliced off. From there, the Neo Bros crew conjoined the two parts into one. But alas, those were the easy parts.

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To have the 96 and 9-3 truly become one, major modifications to the 96’s body were in order. The front and rear wings of the 96 were extended outward to cover the new wheels, suspension and braking system. The hood was pushed forward to make room for the Aero’s larger V6 engine. And the a-pillar on the 96 was cut out to make way for 9-3’s pillar.

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At the time of this writing, the Saab 96 track car was being sent to the paint shop while work on the V6 was just beginning. Their goal on the engine is to produce somewhere in the range of 450 HP.

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