208 mph … In A Nearly 40 Year Old Car

Apparently someone was born in a Veyron...
Apparently someone was born in a Veyron…

The 200 mph barrier is hallowed ground to all of hoonkind. If your speedometer crosses this mark, you have reached speeds that most only dream about. You need a special car, a special road, and a special set of … well, you know where I am going. Billy Everyteen and his 1994 Civic hatchback are not going to hit 200. So what does it take to reach and then cross this threshold? Would you believe it is possible with a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda?1970 Cuda 200 mph
Legendary Motorcars decided they wanted to be a part of the 200 mph club. However, being true Michigan Canadian-bred gear-heads, they realized they couldn’t do it in a sleek, supercar. They focused their hoonish brains on a true classic muscle car and the result is a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda which recently hit 208 mph.
Here is their description of the event (with a great quote at the end):

On a sunny early December day a much altered 1970 Plymouth Barracuda returned to its spiritual home at the Chrysler Proving Grounds in Chelsea Michigan and broke the 200 mph barrier.
The culmination of almost seven thousand hours of hard work by the team at Legendary Motorcar, the Cuda’ is the successful realization of a seemingly impossible goal. Can Legendary Motorcar build a resto-mod muscle car that will rival the world’s most exotic super cars?
The television show Dream Car Garage, which can be seen each Saturday on SUN TV, has followed the construction of the Super Cuda’ from a rusted shell to show car and track star. This week’s show is the season finale, featuring the exciting shootout between the twin-turbo V10 powered Super Cuda’ and an Enzo Ferrari.
Less than a month ago Peter Klutt, Pres. of Legendary Motorcar and Chip Foose debuted the Super Cuda’ at the SEMA convention in Las Vegas. The car was an instant hit but it had yet to achieve its most important goal, to match the performance of an Enzo Ferrari and to go 200mph!
The clock was ticking down to the last episode of Dream Car Garage’s 2009 season. The Cuda’ had to be filmed meeting its goal no later than Thursday of last week or the show would not make it to air, whether the Legendary Motorcar team met with success or failure.
On top of everything they had to find a place to actually go the distance, calls to airports and race tracks across N. America proved fruitless until the true car enthusiasts at Chrysler agreed to let the Super Cuda’ run on their high banked oval at the storied Chelsea proving grounds.
It all came together on Tuesday December 1st. The Super Cuda impressed the engineers at Chelsea and was cleared to run on the track. Grey skies and the threat of snow gave way to sun. As the track warmed, speeds increased and the Super Cuda’ punched a hole in the air topping 208 mph with still more power to spare.
As Peter said, “above 200 the Cuda’ was running out of aero and I was running out of cohones”.

That last quote proves they are Michiganites from the far north… since we here at Hooniverse HQ in Southern California know it is spelled “cojones”, but that is beside the point – these crazy folk took a classic, updated it, and boldly hooned where few dare to hoon… above 200 mph.
We salute you, Legendary Motorscars!
Hop over to their site for more photos.
Here is video of the run:

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