2016 Lexus GS F: Bringing balance to the segment

The luxury sports sedan is an interesting beast. It has to appeal to many senses. You want the car to posses power and speed, and have both available at all times. You also want the interior space to be an enjoyable place to spend time.
The 2016 Lexus GS F isn’t the best vehicle in this segment. It might be the most balanced though, as it blends its power and performance with the typical Lexus level of luxury that we’ve come to expect.
[Disclaimer: Lexus tossed us the keys to the GS F and included a tank of gas.]

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  1. mr smee Avatar
    mr smee

    Lexus GS the Rodney Dangerfield of sport/luxury sedans, gets no respect. Love my old GS400, 16 years old, drives like new and goes respectably fast, also with great V8 sound without artificial enhancement.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      I like that you can turn off the artificial sound bit here on this new one too.

  2. Tanshanomi Avatar

    There was an RC-350 near me at a stoplight the other day, and I felt some genuine pangs of longing… What the hell is happening to me???