2015 Audi S8: Assassin in the League of Extraordinary Super Sedans

There exists a League of Extraordinary Super Sedans, and few four-doors can claim to be members. The quiet assassin of the group is, undoubtedly, the 2015 Audi S8.
This is thanks to the pairing of its well appointed interior with a 520-horsepower twin-turbocharged V8 engine under the hood. You can blend in with the pack thanks to the subtle exterior styling or you can disappear into the horizon should you need to remove yourself from the company of other cars.
[Disclaimer: Audi loaned me the S8 for a week and included a tank of gas. If you have the means, I highly suggest picking one up… truly a fantastic machine.]

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  1. dukeisduke Avatar

    Did you have to stick on a handlebar mustache in order to drive it?
    /speaking of extraordinary

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      Shtop being sho shilly… of coursh not

      1. Vavon Avatar

        Is there some weird problem with the Hooniverse site??? I just went from over a 1500 comments and 99 points to 2 comments (3 including this one) and 26 points…

        1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
          Jeff Glucker

          Yeah, we've been having some issues this morning…
          The server needed a reboot, perhaps that was part of it – although I'd suspect it could be something on the Intense Debate side as well.

          1. Vavon Avatar

            I see, your reply made me lose 4 points…
            I'm sorry Jeff, I will stop trolling! 😉
            Good luck!

  2. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    Undoubtedly a phenomenal car. But, inevitably every time I see a new S8 / A8 I want the original model even more.

    1. dr zero Avatar
      dr zero

      I'm at work, but surely someone will queue some Ronin.

  3. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    my heart was pounding on your behalf when i saw the cop pulling out behind you