1967 Ford Mustang Project NONWICK: Pt5 – The Quick Update

Man, life sure gets in the way of stuff, right? Regardless, the project continues because I’m not letting this one turn into the wagon (which I still own, believe it or not). So where do we stand on my 1967 Ford Mustang project car? I’m almost done with disassembling all the bits that I think I’ll need to remove. As it sits now (on jack stands), I’ve taken off the front brakes, shocks, and springs. Out back, the axle is on the ground, the rear shocks are removed, and I have one leaf spring bolt that’s fighting me. But I plan to conquer that here shortly with a new Milwaukee impact I ordered and a liberal dose of the torch.

Next, I need to move back to the front and remove the control arms and all of the steering bits. After that, I’ve essentially finished the disassembly phase which is honestly pretty damn exciting. Because that means it’s time to start putting stuff on the car. I’ve got the wiring still to attempt. There are fresh suspension parts front and rear on their way to my door. I need a few more pieces of the steering linkage. And then I’ll be damn near ready to set the car back on the ground if I need to move it around.

Still, I don’t have an engine or transmission yet. I’m waiting to hear back on an engine that could be a lot of fun, but I’m also eyeing up all the options on Craigslist. I’m tempted to go nice and used on the engine so I can try to rebuild it myself, but I’m also tempted to find a decently priced new gearbox so I don’t have to mess with all of that.

After that, I’ll be sourcing the driveshaft and rear end. I also still need to run fresh brake lines, figure out how to wire up a Holley Sniper 2, get the new gauge cluster in place under the crusty old dash pad, and weld in a fresh fender apron so I can bolt in a fresh battery tray. Oh, I should probably practice actually welding before I do that, of course.

So yes, I’m moving along at a decent pace, but there’s still a lot of work ahead.

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3 responses to “1967 Ford Mustang Project NONWICK: Pt5 – The Quick Update”

  1. I_Borgward Avatar

    Still curious: What’s your plan for the body? Does it need any rust repair, or dents bumped out? On the scale from concours restoration to rat rod, where do you see your ride? Continued good luck, keep us all posted!

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      Everyone says to do body and paint before the other work, so naturally… I’m not doing that.
      Yeah, it’s going to be a ratty POS on the outside with fresh running gear. Then, down the road, if I still have it for long enough and have saved enough money, I can consider paint and body.

      1.  Avatar

        If the core of the car is sound, then there is no wrong answer for the exterior. I dig.

        Out the 25+ odd cars I’ve had in my herd, most all of my favorites had exteriors showing the mark of time.