1967 Ford Mustang Project NONWICK – Pt 3: Removing the Transmission

I’m diving more deeply into any past project I’ve owned, at least while under my own supervision. My 1967 Ford Mustang is now separated from its radiator, starter, driveshaft, exhaust, and now the transmission. It took a few days of work, mostly because I’ve got a full plate of other work, a day job, a wife and child, a dog, and more. But everyone has a lot going on, so I’m not here to make excuses. What I am here to show you is that this project is actually proceeding.

Removing the transmission is the gateway to basically removing everything else that’s going away. With the gearbox extracted, I can now remove the rear axle. More importantly, at least in terms of project milestones, I can also remove the engine. My goal with my next update is to have everything off the car that’s going away. This means not just the engine and rear axle but also all of the suspension components, the steering bits, the front brakes, all of the old crappy brake lines, and anything else that’s destined for Craigslist or the trash.

I’m going to try and sell the 200 inline-6, the C4, the radiator, and if someone will buy the driveshaft, that would be great too. Getting the engine out will also mark the start of the rebuilding process, which is a bit intimidating but also extremely exciting. It’s time to start ordering parts, cleaning up what can be cleaned up, and really figuring out what I need. One of the first major orders of business is to finally order up the wiring kit. I’ve heard this is made very easy thanks to the kits out there from the likes of Painless or American Autowire. The main key is just not to rush. Take your time. Make sure it’s all nicely and cleanly tucked and connected where it needs to go and enjoy the process.

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2 responses to “1967 Ford Mustang Project NONWICK – Pt 3: Removing the Transmission”

  1. OA5599 Avatar

    I don’t recall when Ford switched car prduction to all lefty-loosey, righty-tighty, but trucks 3/4 ton and larger had righty-loosey lugs on the left side into at least the 80’s, and perhaps even later.

    Other manufacturers switched over at different times. And it isn’t unheard of that sometimes ONE left-hand-thread stud would accidentally be broken off, and then replaced with a more commonly available right-hand-thread part that happened to be what the parts store had in stock. I have a Buick that has three left-loosey drums and one righty-loosey because that’s how things were broken/replaced throughout the decades.

    I make it a habit to ALWAYS look at the thread direction on a lug before applying any significant amount of torque to it. I realize that the Mustang had an entirely different issue, but still…

    Of course, 6 cylinder first generation Mustangs had four lug wheels, and V8’s of that era had 5 lugs. Presuming that you are planning to upgrade all that hardware anyway, the only real damage was to the wrench, which (for the price you paid) I would hope it has a lifetime warranty.

    Anyway, congrats on making some progress.

  2. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    you’re an inspiration! getting under the car is just the worst. i jumped eagerly into an engine+trans removal project two weeks ago by disconnecting all the engine stuff, and as soon as it came time to jack the car up to disconnect the exhaust and driveshaft i called it a day and haven’t touched it since lol. nice to see someone making progress!