1967 Ford Mustang Project NONWICK – Part 2: Fluids Everywhere

My 1967 Ford Mustang project needs prepping before I can pull the engine and transmission. That means it’s time to drain fluids and start moving other parts out of the way.

As you might expect from a project where I’m doing the wrenching, I am excellent at making easy tasks a bit harder. But things are still moving forward at a decent pace. The radiator is out. Oil and coolant are drained. The gauge cluster is out, as is the glove box. Next, I plan to drain the transmission fluid, which I’ve heard is an annoyingly messy affair on a C4. Time to order larger drain pans, I guess.

After that, it’s transmission out and then engine out. I now own a transmission jack, which should make life a bit easier though I will have to put the car on jack stands as high as they’ll go, I assume. And I also have an engine hoist on its way. Once the big rotating bits are removed, I plan on going in and cleaning up the engine bay before addressing the front suspension and then the front brakes. In the meantime, I’m also hunting down a rear axle.

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2 responses to “1967 Ford Mustang Project NONWICK – Part 2: Fluids Everywhere”

  1. Michael Avatar

    thank you!

  2. Leona Avatar

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