1938 Phantom Corsair by Automodello is seductively sinister even in 1:24 scale

Automodello is on a mission to bring unique machines  to light by by way of scale models. In the past, we’ve featured the company’s Bricklin SV1 and Griffith Series 200, both of which were presented in 1:43 scale. Automodello continues to expand its offerings, and in doing so has decided to expand the scale of some of its latest offerings.

Kicking things off in the 1:24 scale realm, the craftsmen at Automodello have put together a stunning resin cast example of the 1938 Phantom Corsair. The black paintwork looks as evil as you’d expect to find on the full-size version, and the entire piece is a fitting homage to a legendary machine.

The original Phantom Corsair is a six-passenger, two-door concept car designed and commissioned by Rust Heinz. His ketchup money was spent by Mauride Schwartz, whose Pasadena-based Bohman and Schwartz was the company to fabricate the stunning shape of the body. Under the skin, the builders utilized a Cord 810 platform and a Lycoming L-Head 4.7-liter V8 engine to send power to the front wheels. A four-speed automatic gearbox and independent suspension front and rear helped up the car to a proper level of luxury for 1938.

Heinz planned to put the Corsair into production. The price tag was going to be $12,500 for each example of the limited run. Sadly, Heinz was killed in a car accident, and the production of the Phantom Corsair was forever put on hold. Just one example was built, and that version is parked at the Harrah Collection in Reno, Nevada.

Now, however, I can park my own version on my desk.

Just as the original car was to be expensive, the Automodello version is no exception. The entire run will be limited to 299 copies, and each one wears a price tag of $299.95. This batch is nearly sold out too, with 72 percent of the batch having been pre-sold. As far as high-end collectibles go, this is certainly one to consider. The attention to detail is typically top notch, as you’d expect from an Automodello offering, and the vehicle itself looks stunning in any scale.

If you’re interested, head to Automodello’s website and hit the buy button quickly.

[Disclosure: Automodello sent over a press-review copy of the 1938 Phantom Corsair resin cast model, and it’s sitting on my desk. It’s gorgeous, and my photos don’t do the car justice.]

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