Zombie Chopper is a Triumph of Execution

As most today are built out of hogs, it’s easy to forget that most archetypical choppers were all based on British bikes. Brando’s Wild One wouldn’t have been quite so wild without his Thunderbird 6T, and it wasn’t until  much later, when Hopper and Fonda easily rode their bikes, that the Harley’s dominance began to take shape. In this era of V-Twins,  fat exhausts, ape-hangers and more breaking wind than In The Wind, it’s nice to be able to sit back and appreciate a sweet Triumph twin nestled in a cool nine and a half foot long stick man of a bike.  This chopper sports a competition engine  jocky shift, 4-speed,.1960s Harley springer front fork and a hardtail rearend. The bars, tank and details are all custom, as is the infantry cammo paint job. Enjoy. Image source: [Vintage Chop]

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