You're Not Cool Enough to Drive this Fury

Seriously, no one is. That’s the problem. This may be the automotive equivalent of showing up to your cube-farm desk job dressed like this guy, but maybe a bit less preppy. Take it from a guy who spends much of his hallway and breakroom time discussing his plain-jane ’64 Falcon. But let’s say you’ve left the desk jockeys behind to work in a high-end liquor store, a place where having a little bit of image, a bit of a conversation piece could be good for business. Now we’re talking… This one’s equipped with a metalflake green roof atop its dark black body. The interior’s got matching green inserts. It’s not uncommon for great-looking cars to sport engines from the runty end of the spectrum, but this one delivers with a stonking 440c.i. backed up by a 727 3 speed auto. It’s got a new radiator and new Weld wheels. $15k’s not cheap, but neither is paint or interior work. Besides, good luck trying to find a new(ish) car with this much style for that little cash. Can’t be done. Source: eBay Motors

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