Your Productivity's Shot like an Underbuilt TH350: Murilee Martin's 20-Part Impala Hell Project

Murilee Martin Impala If you’re reading Hooniverse, you’re probably already a fan of Murilee Martin. You’re also likely aware that The Saucy Minx posts regularly over at The Truth About Cars. That said, you might’ve missed some or all of his 20 part epic about his Impala Hell Project. The tale arcs from Murilee’s acquisition of the car as a trailer-living engineering student-turned-art-major to through its role in 90s slacker culture to the early 2000s Web 1.0 Tech Boom. The car itself morphs from art car to surprisingly reliable daily driver to impressive muscle machine along the way. Because we’re cruel like the staff of Torment, Incorporated, we’ll only link you to the beginning. You’re on your own from there. Art Car to Daily Driver to Drag Racer: 10 Years of My 1965 Impala Hell Project – Murilee Martin at The Truth About Cars

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