You Know When You Have Just Too F*cking Much Money When This Is In Your Livery

So, this past weekend this olelongrooffan was in toney Naples, Florida for my beautiful daughter’s high school graduation (much more on that to come). Anyway, on the way on back to the Taj Mahal, I was booking across Florida Highway 80 some miles east of Fort Myers not quite to the sugar fields that line that stretch of straight ass road. It was there I spotted this retail establishment and whipped a Ueee to get a couple images of this thing. And it’s not the cheesy H2.

No my fellow Hoons, it was this Armored Truck Limousine. I, never in my life, have seen one of these. This ignorant olelongrooffan didn’t even know they existed.

I mean shit. It has freaking gun slots on the sides. Not just one though, it has three on each side. How much cash do you need to carry around to require one of these monstrosities? Have you ever heard of an ATM?

Okay, I’ll give you that maybe you need to carry a bunch of third world dictators your friends in secure, convenient, luxurious accommodations but couldn’t you just get an armored HumVee or something like that?

I can hear Buffy saying to Biff now..”But honey, we just have to have the Vault XXL so the kids aren’t bullied on their way home from prep school.”

All Images Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

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