ICON FJ configurator

You can configure your own Icon FJ

Ever see a Singer 911? From far away the untrained eye may think it’s a “lowly” Porsche. But up close, the details come into focus. Every nut and bolt has been fixated on, every individual element tirelessly curated and honed to make the car more than the sum of its parts.

Icon is to the 4×4 world what Singer is to the Porsche world. Jonathan Ward’s passion company is building incredibly unique, handcrafted machines that take capability and meticulous focus to the extreme. I stumbled upon one and was astounded by the attention to detail and street presence. It was like nothing I had ever seen before.

For years many of us have been fawning over Icon FJ-based creations, though the price tag is a rather massive barrier to entry. Luckily for us, the company has released a configurator on their site. The options start with body style, allowing you to choose from a variety of lengths and door choices. Then you get to pick a color, wheel/tire combo, and accessory outfit all to suit your liking. Motors can be picked, too, but obviously that can’t be seen from an exterior view. Your imaginary FJ can even be fit with air lockers and lockable storage. It’s all a bit of a tease, but oh so much fun.

I’ve played around on my fair share of configurators and this one is good for a few minutes’ amusement. It’s limited, but then again it’s not often you find a configurator on a website that doesn’t belong to a major manufacturer. Click on over to Icon 4×4’s website to “build” your own FJ and tell us how you’d spec it in the Comments.

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2 responses to “You can configure your own Icon FJ”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar


    There are some pretty nice choices here, but virtual me just paid for door net pockets and I don’t think the unquoted price of these benefitted my overall mental stability.

    I do think though that “old cars fresh” is only going to become more popular, especially as a wall of legislation slims the possibilities in the new car market – and everyone with a wallet to afford it is out after distinguishing themselves. Even Europeans, usually very pious about keeping classics original, seem to finally be accepting this trend.