Yeah, Kids, We All Age

Some more gracefully than others.
Dennis Hopper, an icon of the 60’s subculture drug movement passed last week and was laid to rest on Thursday in Taos, New Mexico.
While a cult offering in my older brothers’ world, this olelongrooffan didn’t identify with Easy Rider as much.
But I caught the connection with his offering for the Blue Oval in the 90’s as seen after the click.

And this oleongrooffan hopes You Hoons continue to, as I do,
Celebrate Life.

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8 responses to “Yeah, Kids, We All Age”

  1. Tripl3fast Avatar

    Time for a Hopper film festival. Where to start……..?

  2. B72 Avatar

    I hope if I ever meet myself later in life, I'm driving a cooler car than that. But I'd drive that car if I were getting paid to do it, as I'm sure Dennis was.
    RIP Dennis, you helped shape a generation.

  3. chrystlubitshi Avatar

    He will be missed, very, very much. Thank God for digital film archives and the fact that he will never die on the "silver screen" (or the black liquid crystal/new-fangled plasma ones). may he always be honored and revered.

  4. engineerd Avatar

    RIP, Dennis Hopper. You have contributed quite well to the Hoonivercinema.
    Speaking of aging, I'm a year older now but not wiser, nor more mature. In fact, I'm just as immature now as I was at 8.
    *runs away giggling.*

  5. dukeisduke Avatar

    I liked him in movies like "Red Rock West", where he wore all black, with black cowboy boots (he played a hit man), and drove a black boattail Riviera.

  6. dukeisduke Avatar

    I don't think he was able to get his divorce finalized before he passed away. He was trying to get that done, because he didn't want his wife getting his money (he claimed she was squandering it).

    1. Alff Avatar

      She probably refused to spend it on booze, pharmaceuticals and leather outerwear.
      I'm glad that Dennis' career found redemption in the years before he passed. He was one of the great cinematic badasses of my lifetime.

  7. Froggmann_ Avatar

    Now I know why "Space Truckers" has been popping into my head recently. Time to go find it and watch it again.