Wow, $1300 for a Honda MB5? Should'a bought one in 1983!

Honda MB5 Ebay Auction Hooniverse regulars know that Honda’s micro-hoonable MB5 is a favorite around here. Like an adorable puppy who tries to bark imposingly like a big dog, the MB5 could be the most enchanting 50cc bike ever mass-produced. Unfortunately for U.S. bikers, it was only sold for a single year on this side of the Atlantic, so nice examples are getting hard to find. Thus, thanks to those twin brothers, Supply and Demand, the value of MB5s keeps climbing. There’s one on Ebay right now that’s got a stiff $1300 buy-it-now price. What makes the asking price so remarkable is that in 1983, Honda slashed the MSRP on year-old leftover MB5s from $798 to $398 to move the many, many unsold crates clogging their warehouses. $1300 is a lot of money for a bike that can’t drive 55 (in stock trim, anyway), and nobody has yet decided to snap up this clean-looking example at that price, so perhaps it’s a bit too steep. But the seller is Old School Cycles, an experienced Texas purveyor of unusual used bikes that keeps listing one neat moto-find after another — and seems to have a good feel for the realistic top dollar used bikes can generate. Assuming this bike sold as a leftover, and goes for the $1.3K asking price, that would be an 11.25% a 7.8% annualized appreciation on the original investment over the last 29 years. Not too shabby. You can check out the Ebay auction page HERE.

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