Win a Jeep offroading trip to the Rubicon Trail

We here at Hooniverse like to think we’re capable of anything and we like our vehicles similarly capable. We also like working with our partners and friends from the web when they have a sweet contest involving extremely capable vehiclse that might appeal to our favorite Hoons (That’s you!). In a perfect world, this would involve traversing the Mecury’s dark side in a Willys MB, trying to stay in the shade of the impossibly close Sun.
Unfortunately, nobody’s sending a war-surplus Jeep to Mercury yet (Please call us back Elon Musk; it’ll work), but we’ve got the next best thing from our friends over at Jeep Wrangler aftermarket specialists Extreme Terrain: the chance to win a three-day, expenses-paid guided offroading trip for two on California’s Rubicon Trail in a custom Wrangler. Follow the jump for more.

For those not familiar, the Rubicon Trail is 22 miles of offroading paradise in the Sierra Nevada Mountains just west of Lake Tahoe, near the kingdom of the elusive Bradley Brownell. Here’s what the lucky winner can expect:

  • Rock crawling? Check.
  • Breathtaking views? Check.
  • Absence of other people? Mostly check, just a guide to help you along.

The trip’s accommodations include two nights’ camping on the trail and an expert rock crawler to take you across the challenging geological landscape. The remaining travel and accommodations are also included for the winner and a guest.
Enter the Extreme Jeep Adventure on Extreme Terrain’s website before March 31. Purchases and Jeep ownership are not necessary to enter.
[Photos courtesy Extreme Terrain]

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  1. PotbellyJoe ★★★★★ Avatar
    PotbellyJoe ★★★★★

    Entered. Where do I send my bribe?

  2. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    Oh, rats. North American addresses only. I was feeling lucky, too.

    1. Maymar Avatar

      Look on the bright side, you have access to cheaper Defenders than we do.
      Also, Canadians aren't allowed – I suspect that's America's generalized revenge for us gaining sovereignty just by asking nicely, and agreeing to leave that grumpy looking old woman on our money still.

  3. monkey_tennis Avatar

    In fairness to Elon Musk, he is probably quite capable of sending an army surplus Jeep to Mercury. It's just the return trip – especially the landing back on a boat in mid-Atlantic — that still needs work. Until he's got that all worked out properly I'm not going to be signing up for the Mercury rock-crawling tour.