Who wants a better-than-original all-aluminum 427 Shelby Cobra?

ME! OH I DO!!! Turns out there is an outfit right here in Utah that specializes in creating all aluminum Cobras.  Kirkham Motorsports  is based out of Provo, Utah and has been manufacturing quality Cobra replicas for over 15 years.  The bodies are hand-crafted to better than original tolerances and a majority of the components are lighter and stronger than original. Not in the mood for a 427?  How about a 289 FIA: Or a 427 Lemans? Kirkham Motorsports has several models to choose from and each one is completely customizeable from the engine to what kind of aluminum the body is made out of to, well pretty much everything else.  Prices start at only $56,995.  A custom pricelist can be found here.  Head over to their site for complete history of the company and tons of great pictures of the cars and what goes into making them. Here is a 427 racing at Miller Motorsports Park.  Video is a bit grainy but it doesn’t matter if you crank the volume: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhlC27_gfs8&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] Credit:  Kirkham Motorsports

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